Posted on May 27, 2020

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One of the most frequently asked questions when considering upgrading to a metal roof concerns disruptive rain noise. And yes, some metal roofing such as uncoated standing seam roofs can definitely be loud in the rain. That is the main reason that we like DECRA Metal Roofing. DECRA stone-coated steel roofing products have a sound-absorbing cushion of granular stone coating that is key to noise reduction. Standing seam roofing made from flat metal or aluminum sheets can generate disruptive noise at levels up to 70 decibels which is like running a vacuum cleaner. In the case of wind-driven hail or frozen sleet, the metal roof noise raises to the 80-90 decibel range which is like
running a blender  or garbage disposal. DECRA stone-coated steel roofing provides a lifetime of roofing protection that is as quiet as asphalt shingles or shakes. DECRA’s advanced acrylic-formula bonding and unique base coatings ensure that 100% of the sound-absorbing layer of fine granular stone-coating will stay in place for the lifetime of your dwelling. With stainless steel fasteners and a unique panel interlocking system, DECRA roofing profiles won’t loosen or rattle even under severe storm conditions, and wind-driven rain resistance has been lab-tested at speeds up to 110 mph. When the rain changes to hail, DECRA’s highest possible UL2218 Class 4 impact rating easily withstands the assault. 

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