Posted on Aug 14, 2019

English Roofing and General Contracting

Our repeat customers here at English Home Improvements have noticed that there are always familiar faces on the job site. That is because we are a General Contracting business that is focused on people and not solely on profits. Most of our crews have been with us for many years. Why does this matter? It helps our bottom line because our workers know how we like our projects to proceed. This in turn helps us to provide better prices to you, our customers.

One of the reasons our crews are so loyal to English Home Improvements is because we care about their safety. We stay current on standards and trends by reading content like this one by Dodge: Dodge is a leader in construction news and outlooks. They can be found here: We totally are in line and agreement with Henry Nutt III, a thought leader in the industry on the subjects of safety and lean construction who says “that an early indicator of the GC’s leadership on a project lies in how clean the site is. He said, “A clean job is indicative of the attitude people have about safety because they are investing in someone making sure things stay clean ... [GCs] make sure that policy is adhered to and people put the things away they are responsible for.” He believes a site’s cleanliness is also indicative of a larger communication strategy.
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